U-Digg – [Lil Baby] ft. [42 Dugg] & [Veeze]

There are some emcees in the rap world that are simply certified hitmakers, and their levels of fame far exceed anything that I could even fathom in my own life. Bonafide superstars are what I consider these people, and there aren’t too many more beyond the likes of Drake, Kanye, and Jay-Z. Well, although it’s hard to imagine that he is quite there yet because his career is still so young, one rapper who I think is well on his way to a legacy that won’t be forgotten about is Atlanta’s Lil Baby. He just has this star power that translates into any song he jumps on turning to gold, both intangibly and physically.

Somehow I was late to his Antt Beatz-produced song “U-Digg”, and while I can’t sit here and claim to tap in with every single release he puts out, I am a massive Detroit rap fan, so considering he recruited 42 Dugg and Veeze to join him, I was shocked that I didn’t know sooner. Dugg isn’t someone who surprises me because this duo has worked together in the past, but Veeze is still so underground and underappreciated, so I was most excited to see what he would do on a song with the other two icons.

Baby starts things out for a lengthy portion, mixing his verse and the hook into one, but his influence and control are apparent once again after showing just how catchy he can make his contributions. Veeze handles the second verse, showcasing a raspy, mumbled cadence that clears up as the bars go on, eventually boasting some easygoing yet overly entertaining bars that I couldn’t get distracted from no matter what else was going on around me.

Finally, 42 Dugg closes things out, showcasing a flow that I can’t even describe because I’ve never heard anything like it, but it is flawless and masterful, just like everything else this genius does throughout his career. If you put any of these three on any song, it is going to be a sure-fire success, so when you add them all to the same record and have Lil Baby direct the music video as well, it’s hard to think of anything else that’s better than this release.