Typography – [Conor] x [Heartgaze]

Seventeen year-old Madison, Wisconsin based artist Conor makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a refreshing new single titled “Typography.” Despite his young age, Conor has garnered recognition from the likes of Before the Data, Fashionably Early and
Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. His new self-reflective offering is co-produced by Heartgaze, with a splendid incorporation of UK garage & alternative pop sounds. “Typography” specifically is off his anticipated album Perfumes and Magazines, with this particular record detailing a difficult breakup. The intentional pauses and subtle mimicry emphasizes the eerie silence to capture a sense of loneliness and perplexity, while the eclectic production paradoxically beams a glimmer of hope post-hardship. In the music video shot by Tessa Bethke, the fluctuating arrangement of colors instills a feeling of disorder, while the artist’s hyper dance movements indicate his inability to regain composure. At the very least, one positive outcome of the unfortunate circumstance is the fantastic release that Conor has delivered. Check out the official visual below!