Twothousand Nakteen – [Na-Kel Smith]

From his career as a famous skateboarder to his stellar role in the 2018 film, Mid90s, and his legendary verse on Tyler The Creator’s “Trashwang”, Na-Kel Smith is the definition of a renaissance man. Whatever he decides to put his mind to, he succeeds at, and beyond natural talent, it’s the 110%-at-all-times attitude which he employs that makes him such a hard-working and successful young man. Today, following up some loose singles released throughout the past year or so, Na-Kel is here with his debut project, Twothousand Nakteen, proving once again that just when you think he may have ventured into uncharted territory, Smith pleasantly surprises yet again.

That said, the debut from the California native captures exactly what it means to bring real energy to a project. His deliveries, regardless of what emotion they convey, are relentlessly enthusiastic, and further so, his lyrics are quotable in the kind of way that makes a lasting impression in any listener’s head. Needless to say, Na-Kel Smith’s latest creative venture is an exciting one, sure to turn the heads of skateboarders, film junkies, and rap fans alike.

Stream Twothousand Nakteen at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!