Two4one – [Jay Worthy]

When I tell you Jay Worthy is the most interesting man alive, you gotta believe me. The stories this man has acquired over the past 10 years coming up, having ties to pretty much every prominent name in rap and being behind the scenes building his empire as an independent force to be reckoned with. Whether it be touring with the likes of Grimes, Griselda, or IGOR, Jay Worthy has broke bread with the best of them and his past decade coming up is a masterclass in what remaining truly authentic and staying consistent can lead you to. Not many can do it as Jay has, but his most recent string of releases is a clear product of building solid connections over the years.

Over the past few weeks, P Worthy has been dropping 2 singles per week that feature a collab between a favorite producer and artists to compliment Jay’s iconic west coast flows. With the final singles dropping a few weeks ago the EP titled Two4one has been packaged into an EP with two new singles to join the 6-tracks releases previously. The Compton native has an illustrious list of producers he has worked with in the past but he brought out some of his best collaborators join forces alongside some talented artists. With production credits coming from the likes of Cardo, Jake One, The Alchemist, and Harry Fraud. Each of these producers is iconic in their own right and they allow Worthy to bring a different energy to each track.

The producers aren’t the only impressive factor of this project, the roster of artists Jay Worthy included further proves his ability to be both an artist and incredible A&R pairing artists with unlikely producers and creating music that is West Coast in spirit but will play loud in whips all across the country. Hearing Canadian rapper Pressa over a Cardo beat or Larry June and Worthy trading intricate verses over Alchemist production are just two examples of special moments on this project that are further evidence of Jay Worthy’s originality and greatness in paving his own lane. Kamaiyah drop’s one of her best hooks yet on the anthemic “Bullshit” that will be on a constant loop once Summer comes close. Worthy’s relationships are evident but the chemistry he has with each of the talented rappers on this album just show the authenticity he brings to each of his relationships in the game.

It seems there is a huge necessity in street rap with Griselda making everybody remember what New York sounds like. Artists like Jay Worthy have been able to set themselves up beautifully for being successful independent artists by simply staying true to themselves. Not staying static and looking for as many creative revenue outlets as possible is how to thrive in this modern era, Jay Worthy is an artist that still sees decent cheques from Vinyl and Hard Copy sales, proving that physical sales are not something to overlook and presumed as dead. One thing is clear, Jay Worthy is a mastermind of keeping up with the times without ever losing sight of who he is as an artist or businessman. His profile only seems to be continuing to grow as more and more people get hip to music’s most interesting man. Be on the lookout for what Worthy has planned for the rest of the year, let me be the first to tell you, he ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

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