Two – [Marrow]


Do you miss the Kids These Days band?  Yeah? Well, I have some great news for you – KTD members: Macie Stewart, Liam Cunningham, and Lane Beckstrom have been working on some new noise for you with drummer, Matt Carroll.  After Kids These Days split up in June, everyone was at a loss of words; there were plenty of huge KTD fans that were hit very hard with the news, despite all of the commotion, the band members went there own ways.  While Vic Mensa was kicking off his individual music career – Macie, Liam, Lane, and Matt were putting together something new – something that may be even better than KTD.  Lastly, who better to capture the astonishing sound of Marrow through the lens than Austin Vesely? No one.  Check out the amazing project, “Two“, from Marrow and Austin Vesely, above!