Two 16s (Bootleg) – [Ryan Hemsworth]

Not many songs hold the same influential status as Z Money and Valee’s classic single, “Two 16s“. The breathless flows and unforgiving charisma have translated into an entirely new pattern of rapping, and today, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth is here to honor the track with an incredible bootleg remix. He takes the song’s chilling mood and unforgiving lyricism, breathing new life into it with a melodic touch to refresh the infectious energy that it holds. With this, “Two 16s” is such a great song that it’s certainly no easy feat to remix, yet this Canadian star was able to do it justice in a timeless manner that every Z Money and Valee¬†fan should hear. Hemsworth is currently on the verge of the start of his U.S. Tour, so this song is just one offering of a brand new series of “bootleg” remixes that he is starting in pursuit of this time on the road. Listen to the new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!