Twin Flame – [KAYTRANADA] & [Anderson .Paak]

Vibes are a really big deal for me when it comes to my admiration for an artist, a song, or anything else. While I really don’t know how to explain what good vibes are, in my opinion of course, they’re just something that I either feel or I don’t, and that can literally be a deal breaker for me if they’re just not on point. As far as artists who have a good vibe go, KAYTRANADA is definitively at the top of the list because I have been listening to him probably since high school, and he has legitimately never put out a record that I wasn’t completely entranced with.

Another emcee is Anderson .Paak, someone who I admittedly haven’t listened to nearly as much as I once did, but I am never going to deny his unignorable charisma and talents. I mean, over the last handful of years he has released countless successful records both individually and with his groups Silk Sonic alongside Bruno Mars and NxWorries with beat smith Knxwledge. While these endeavors may differ from one another, there is one common factor that always adds up, and that factor is Anderson .Paak.

So, when I found out that KAYTRA and Anderson tapped in with one another for a record called “Twin Flame” alongside an Anderson .Paak-directed black-and-white video, I knew this was going to be an all-out hit before even listening. Of course, KAYTRANADA absolutely kills the beat with an addicting melody and pulsating percussion, and although there have been plenty of other emcees that he has worked with prior, I feel like Anderson is one of the most naturally talented to fit into one of his instrumentals.

I probably don’t even need to describe his portions of the song because you already know how wonderfully he matches the aesthetic of the track, but his charismatic vibrancy and all-around talents just shine brighter than ever on this song. If there is one duo that I hope gets formed at some point or another, it’s these two, and while it’s hard to actually imagine considering Anderson .Paak is already committed to these other tag teams, I guess I can only dream of this scenario happening one day.