Twenty Four – [JWOODS]

Queens product JWOODS stars and narrates a new film production by Ari Mitchell, in which he teases the release of his upcoming album and explains everything that’s led up to where he’s at now. The film starts out with JWOODS talking of happiness and belonging with his closest homies – stating that he and his closest friends always had a different way of maneuvering and always had similar goals which is what made them so different and created their inseparable bond. However the positivity for him doesn’t always prevail, with emptiness and lonesome often trickling in and consuming JWOODS. “But I can’t help but feel alone sometimes, full of doubt, full of fear.” This void that he’s feeling is what he also realizes is a necessary endeavor that ultimately will make him a more successful artist.

The film is astonishing, with cinematic properties that really make you feel as if you’re watching a movie trailer. As JWOODS narrates and talks of positivity, he’s seen rolling with his crew, enjoying time in the studio, and clips of the city that encompasses him. When he moves into talks of despair and loneliness, the tone of the video shifts as well – becoming more dark and obscure, with feelings of a thriller.  Accompanying the visual are two snippets of JWOODS tracks that are teasers to his new album. Ari Mitchell does an exceptional job translating the feeling of the narration into a visual representation that signifies the emotional appeal to a T.

As JWOODS continues to wade his way through adversity and grow as an artist, I expect nothing but great things to come from the Queens native, starting with his upcoming album set to released this Fall.

Watch “Twenty Four” below!