Twelve Twenty Five – [SoFaygo]

The holiday season is a time of giving and celebration, so no matter what form that comes in, I always appreciate when this seeps into music and we benefit from a new release of some sort. Aside from this, SoFaygo has become an artist I simply can’t get enough of throughout this year, and even with so many great releases from him and the natural success that came his way following these drops, I still can’t believe that he’s just getting started. With inclusions on some of the biggest albums of the year as well as some remarkable solo releases that he can add to his resume, Faygo is here to stay, and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

On Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up and find out that he dropped a brand-new song on SoundCloud called “Twelve Twenty Five” that was produced by a slew of hitmakers like Bakkwoods, the homie Zetra, Mochila, Ronny J, SethInTheKitchen, Jakik, and Swaidy. While this might sound like a lot of names, it was completely necessary because this song seems to contain three different portions that all show off a different style that Faygo absolutely kills. In the first portion, the instrumental is a lot dreamier and more magical, allowing Faygo to stretch his words and show off his vocals perfectly.

For the second part, the tempo picks up and we are given a much more energetic, hardcore beat that gives the emcee a chance to elevate his enthusiasm, speed up his cadence, and show another impressive side of his skillset. Finally, in the last portion, we hear a similar sound to the preceding part with the exception of a more New York City drill-inspired rhythm that is new to the world of Faygo, but he absolutely crushes his part once again, unsurprisingly. SoFaygo is an absolute star, and all of the producers on “Twelve Twenty Five” knew exactly how to bring out the best in him, making it a three-part record that you need to check out ASAP.