Turned 2 Da Boss – [Yung Bans]

Yung Bans has been a bit of an underground staple for quite some time now. With that being said, he’s finally starting to break through that barrier in order to receive much more recognition for his unique and incredible music. Connections with some of the biggest artists in Atlanta have helped guide him in the right directions and these decisions have proven to be invaluable at the end of the day. His sound is unlike anything else you hear coming out of the Georgia capital and it actually skews away from anything you’d generally hear in Rap music period. His flow and demeanor are relaxed and always calm, his words are mashed together at times in the best possible way, and his stories are very real, giving fans insights into his mind, no matter how disheartening or depressing they might be at times. Music is his way of venting and getting these things out onto the table, and Bans does so in a way that is unlike anyone else in music today.

His messages don’t always include dismal topics, however, and they can offer a wide array of emotions. Take his most recent single “Turned 2 Da Boss” for example, which is Bans’ opportunity to boast about how he’s the man and no one can tell him otherwise. Bugz Ronin produced this jam, creating a melody through colorful, airy, and blithe synths that sound as if they’re right out of an 80’s love ballad. In order to elevate this, lighthearted percussion and toned down, spaced out drums come into the picture to set the tempo of this track. Bans plays up this lightheartedness with his vocals, as he sings in a very relaxed yet cheerful fashion. His voice has a bit of an echo to it, adding additional spaciness to the already resounding song. As his verse begins, autotune can be heard in more abundance than it was on the hook, and he even full-on sings a few lines about halfway through, impressing me more than I expected, in all honesty. Throughout the whole song, he hums and sings in the background, adding additional elements to the already appealing track. As he makes his way through his parts, he talks about feeling like a boss, getting a bunch of money, treating his girl to luxurious things, and treating his brothers like royalty.

The paired music video is a simple but very interesting take on the song. The entire thing has a retro filter that adds a haziness to each scene, making it feel as if this was recorded during the same era that the synths in the song seem to come from. The visual opens on a large property, zooming in on a tall set of stairs. Bans exits the door at the top of the staircase in a matching set of pajamas while holding a coffee cup before letting out a massive stretch as if he just woke up. The funny thing is, it’s completely pitch-black outside, so if he did just wake up, he must have had an extremely late night the previous evening. Other scenes take us to different parts of this property, some out in the parking lot, another in a kitchen, and one more where Bans is sitting on what looks like a pool table as he throws stacks of money all over the place.

There really isn’t too much of a story to the music video, but after seeing the introduction to it I was thinking there might’ve been some sort of plot. Either way, it was a clean and interesting visual for an even more likable song. It might not be Bans’ best work, but he has such an extensive collection of music that not every song is going to top the rest. Despite this, it’s still clearly an extremely vibey and fun song to listen to whether you’re feeling yourself as Bans was throughout this single, or if you just simply need a little bit of a pick me up because you’re feeling down. In an Instagram post promoting this new track, he also mentioned that his next album is only about 15% finished, so it appears as if we’ll have a little bit of a wait. “Turned 2 Da Boss” is more than enough to hold me over for a little bit, though, so be sure to give it a play as soon as you get the chance.