Turn Myself In – [Lil Durk]

Well, it’s been a few weeks since one of our favorites and Englewood’s own Lil Durk has been incarcerated. As fans, there’s only so much we can do outside of merely expressing our sympathies and support of Durkio. “Turn Myself In” is the latest single from Durk, in which he proclaims his final plea before he would turn himself into authorities. The cover tells a story, with an image of diamond-crusted Cuban link handcuffs locked around his wrists. He expresses his frustrations, crying out to God for help and preaching how support was lost when he was most in need. “Yeah yeah yeah God can you hear me, yeah yeah yeah n****s ain’t really with me.”

Durk would go on hours later to turn himself into police, as he stated on both his Twitter and Instagram pages. The song’s melodic cries of reflection express his regrets, explain his decisions, and communicate some final messages before his incarceration.

The track brings a bittersweet feel, with the sound itself being a smooth piece, but the overall vibe being somewhat somber upon Durkio’s recent lock-up.

Stream “Turn Myself In” below!