Turn It To London – [Lancey Foux]

Though I’m far from the authority on the landscape of UK hip-hop – it’s certainly hard to say that anybody is doing it quite like Lancey Foux. From his consistently high-octane performances and unique vocal register to his otherworldly musical style and beat selection, Lancey Foux has been one of hip-hop’s most exciting upcoming acts over the past two years. In the wake of his last project, 2021’s LIVE.EVIL, Lancey Foux has spent much of 2022 out of the spotlight. He’s dropped collaborative tracks with Johan Lenox and KayCyy, but aside from his lone single that dropped back in March, we haven’t heard much about what the East London artist is up to. Today the speculation ends as “Turn it to London” is the newest release from Lancey Foux, and hopefully the beginning of a potential album rollout. “Turn it to London” borrows from tracks like “25WAGG3DOU2” with its futuristic Jay Trench-produced mix, electronic vocal layers, and hard-hitting bass patterns – all synthesizing in graceful harmony to birth one of the hardest tracks to grace my ears this year. With a tour starting later this month, I’m praying that it’s only a matter of days until fans are treated to his next LP Life in Hell – but I’ve learned not to hold my breath with Lancey Foux. The album will arrive when it’s ready, but luckily that gives us time to get familiar with “Turn it to London” before we’re treated to a bunch of new tracks.

Check out “Turn It To London” below: