Turkey Season – [Lil Durk] & [Chief Wuk]

A few months ago, Lil Durk’s Only The Family label teamed up and dropped off their latest collaborative project entitled Loyal Bros, and while Durk was obviously the ring leader of the album, there were some undeniable sleepers who turned some heads and shocked some listeners. While Durk was able to show off his versatility on a plethora of different sounding instrumentals, it’s clear that he has an amazing knack for finding and signing talents from the streets, because every single artist on the album did a remarkable job bringing everything together.

Although this project came out a couple of months ago, Durk and Chief Wuk decided that they weren’t finished bringing attention to their record “Turkey Season” as they decided to team up with CrownSoHeavy to shoot a sick new music video for the record. As it opens up, Durk and Wuk are in a convenience store at night picking up some treats for themselves. As they ask for a pack of Backwoods, a worried-looking gentleman runs inside in a panic, asking where the bathroom is before sprinting there.

While outside, Wuk realizes that the label on his package of weed is the same label on the side of a semi-truck parked outside. Curiously, the duo walks up to the back of the truck and opens the doors, revealing an insane stash of marijuana which excites them as they enter the back and the song starts up. While the majority of the rest of the visual takes place in the cargo container of the truck, things switch up slightly later on as they take however much weed they want and make their escape. Unfortunately for the aforementioned gentleman, though, he turns out to be the driver of this vehicle and when he leaves the bathroom to return to his truck, he realizes what has happened as he slams his fists on the truck angrily and regretfully.

Obviously, at this point in time, it goes without saying that Lil Durk and his OTF label are pretty much a dynasty already, and they’re still growing. It’s clear that certain names on the roster are bigger than others, but what I truly appreciate is that on an album like Loyal Bros, no one gets left in the dust and everyone has a moment to shine no matter how nationally or locally renown they are. As far as this video goes, I was a huge fan because, as most of my regular readers know, I’m a sucker for a bit of a plot or storyline, so I enjoyed the creativity that went into this visual. With that being said, make sure you take a moment at some point today to check out Lil Durk and Chief Wuk’s latest music video for their record “Turkey Season” off of OTF’s latest project Loyal Bros.