Tune & Scotty- [Lucki]

Lucki has long been one of my favorite artists to cover whenever he drops new music. While there might not be as much flashiness or ostentatiousness within his personality or music, that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy his sound. He breaks songs down to their very bare-bones and tells his story that way, rather than trying to boost it by adding unnecessary flexes or assistive effects to his voice. His life is always interesting to hear about and he never shies away from the truth, so that honest, straightforward disposition has always stuck out to me more than other artists. He has also been teasing an upcoming album set to release at some point this year, but recently took to Twitter to announce that he’s going to be releasing Almost There on May 30th, which is going to act as a placeholder for fans until we get his actual project later on.

In order to get some hype around his upcoming mixtape, Lucki has been hitting the studio with his friend and frequent collaborator Plu2o Nash. While this duo has been making hits for years, they’re nowhere near finished with their collaborations, and they’re only leveling up as the years go by. On the latest Almost There single “Tune & Scotty”, Plu2o creates a beat that sounds like it’s actually from another dimension, and I couldn’t picture anyone but Lucki gracing this wild instrumental. This production is comprised of inspiring yet almost melancholic synths, intergalactic percussive elements, and eardrum-shattering 808s that all come together for a chaotically organized foundation for Lucki to spit some drowsy bars better than ever before. He begins by showing off his trademark humming as he catches the vibe of the song and figures out exactly what his plan is going to be in order to tear this beat to shreds. He then continues on to finish the intro by speaking a few short lines in such an effortless way, it almost comes off as if he’s sleep talking.

I feel as if during certain times, Lucki is more so recognized for his inimitable demeanor rather than any sort of flows or specific cadences, but this song proves this theory completely wrong. A lack of lyrical prowess isn’t the case whatsoever in this track, as his flows are intricate, appealing, and all-around impressive while he goes into his verse. Some parts are sped up and spoken in an up-tempo, lively manner while other portions slow down or pause in order to let the beat breathe for a split second before going back in. A lot of Lucki’s songs can sound as if he uses the first take in every recording session and runs with it, as he seems to talk to himself and other people in the studio while the microphone is still recording at times. With that being said, if it is the first take, he never has to record more than once because he gets it absolutely perfect every single time. This record is no different, as he laughs at certain points and seems to speak to someone rather than rap lines, which adds elements of originality and just shows his personality beyond the music. On this track, Lucki talks about being on the road and his girl missing him, the drugs he’s on while wearing designer clothing, and how the more money he gets, the more fake people he has to deal with.

Lucki has long been one of my favorite Chicago talents and he always will be. As I’ve watched his career progress, I’ve seen him truly hone in on his strengths and experiment in ways I’ve never heard anyone else try out previously. When he and Plu2o Nash get together to work, there’s just this special bond between them that raises their respective skills so many levels, and they truly bring the best out of each other whether they make an effort to or not. I absolutely can’t wait until Almost There drops next week and although it might not take the place of his more lengthy, hyped-up project that is going to come out, later on, I’m always excited to hear new music from the Chicago icon. “Tune & Scotty” is Lucki’s latest offering and it certainly surprised me with how dynamic it was, so be sure to check it out as soon as you find a moment to.