Tu Me Ha Cambiado – [jame minogue]

“It [Tu Me Ha Cambiado] explores the transformation that happens when you accept what love is and all of the beautiful delicacies that come with it”jame minogue

Dominican-Irish artist jame minogue makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a smooth, heartfelt Spanish love ballad titled “Tu Me Ha Cambiado.” Accompanied by a warm, romantic beachside visual, there are strong Bossa Nova vibes led by Omar Tavarez’s elite co-production. minogue’s vocals are skillfully soft, and the lyrics predominantly being sung in Spanish provide an authentic listening experience that befits the artist’s identity. Each and every word sources from pure emotion coupled with qualities of felt sensualness. The song’s pacing is the very opposite of rushed, as the soothing acoustic guitar-led melody gradually leads to an eventual electric closure. “Tu Me Ha Cambiado” is an absolute gem with plenty of mainstream appeal from  a hit-record perspective, but more evident is the fact that jame minogue is one hell of a musician. Peep the Camila Noriega / Paulo Crichton directed visualizer below!