Try This – [Lu] & [Rocci]

When thinking about all of the incredibly talented artists in the underground, I always circle back to Pouya because of the foundation he has laid for himself and so many others. While his music continues to get better with experience, he also puts me onto so many other talents that I had previously not known about, and Lu has been working super closely with him as of late. When I first heard Lu’s music, his talent was very apparent, but the more I tuned in, the more I realized just how impressive and versatile he can be, going from rapping hard bars to singing some of the most angelic notes in the entire industry.

After getting to talk to him a little bit more on social media, he has been keeping me up to date with all of his recent releases, but his latest song “Try This” is one that you’re certainly going to want to hear for yourself. Produced by the insanely talented hitmaker Rocci, things open with an extremely groovy melody that is only brought to new levels with a tempo-setting drumline that makes you feel like you should be in a nightclub back in the ’70s, and I’m always down for some sounds like this.

While the instrumental is deep, bouncy, and incredibly appealing, Lu comes in with a falsetto style that is just so smooth and effortless. His words just roll off of his tongue with ease, and whether he’s quickening his cadence or letting his pipes do the talking, there isn’t a single part of this song that I could even begin to critique. Lu’s dexterity is unbelievably addicting, and while we might not know exactly what things might sound like when he first teases a record, you already know it’s going to be remarkable. “Try This” is absolutely no different, making it a track you need in your life as soon as you can possibly listen.