Try This / CAFFEINE – [Lu]

If you’re looking for someone new and exciting to listen to, I have a list of names that would be a safe bet. At the same time, there is really only one name that I could recommend to anyone, regardless of their preferences, and that musician is Lu. The rising star is my go-to recommendation because he is seriously the definition of versatile in terms of everything from his talents to his creativity to the unbelievable execution of his ideas.

Whether you like slower R&B, hard-hitting rap, one-of-a-kind instrumentals, or anything else that breaks the boundaries of what your typical mainstream artists might create, Lu is blowing them out of the water, and seemingly doing so without a second breath. This is as obvious as ever in his two songs “CAFFEINE” and “Try This”, the latter of which is produced by the master beat smith Rocci, and this two pack of hits just received back-to-back visuals courtesy of the visionary MidVessel, making them two miniature movies that you can’t pass up.

In “Try This”, Lu matches the vibe of the easygoing, tuneful record with ease, giving us this appealing aesthetic that takes us back a handful of decades to the 80s as a glowy, hazy filter covers the camera lens to make these shots appear authentically nostalgic. Although the scenes used aren’t too chaotic or busy, I’m happy because this would take away from the record that is actually my personal favorite song that Lu has ever put out.

In “CAFFEINE”, though, the complete opposite mindset is shown as chaos ensues in a series of unexplainably hectic events, beginning with a basketball game. After this, we’re transported to an office where an employee seems to give everyone a hard time, ultimately giving Lu no choice but to beat him up in the middle of a circle of people cheering him on. Whether working out in the backyard, emerging from the dirt to a mature woman gyrating in his face, or taking part in any other activities, there is no rational explanation for these happenings, but that makes this one even more mandatory so you can understand the organized anarchy.

Lu is a trendsetter and the definition of a creative, but if you somehow haven’t yet realized why, these two visuals should provide more than enough evidence to back up my belief that he’s one of the most underrated stars in this industry.