TRY ME – [Trevor Spitta]

A storm’s been brewing in the world of New Jersey’s Trevor Spitta over the past 8 months and it’s about time we all start paying our respects. Having started 2023 off strong with “WILD STYLE” and then returning mid-year with his Tommy Richman-collab, “BAD BOYS”, there’s been no shortage of heat coming out of the Spitta camp as of late. Now gearing up for what seems to be the beginnings of a much larger rollout that’s includes recent bangers like, “I SHOULD BE WITH U” and “FRONT DOOR”, it’s become increasingly more evident that Spitta is on a mission to make a statement and his brand new single, “TRY ME”, is exactly that. 

Probably my favorite record out of Spitta in 2023, “TRY ME”, showcases a calm, cool, and collected version of Spitta that we’ve come to know a little bit better over the last handful of months. Delivering some persuasive reasoning as to why a crush should give him a chance despite his flaws and career obligations, in the song Spitta gives quite the pitch for himself as he looks to seal the deal with his natural swag, charm, and charisma. Combining his laid-back verse flows and genius wordplay in conjunction with the song’s flirtatious hook, there’s simply too much goodness within this record to consume in just one listen, so I suggest you give it at least a few spins. Gliding overtop of a signature YOG$ production, we hear the song’s instrumental set the tone for a relaxing mood that combines some aesthetic (borderline lo-fi) keys and complimentary drums that are sure to ease the tensions of your daily commute home as the song plays through your speakers. An extremely convincing performance by both creatives, there’s a clear chemistry between the two that I’m hopeful to hear more of moving forward. 

In addition to the song, we were gifted a Kai Chu directed music video where we see Trevor indulge in different hairstyles, flex his tennis skills, and even cook up at a local taco stand with its employees. A memorable two and a half minutes to say the least, Trevor is certainly in his element in the video and the song, so I’m eager for you all to get your eyes and ears on the art that he left us with last week. Check it out below!