TRY – [Joey Trap]

The versatile talents of Joey Trap are on full display in his most recent 23-track release Playlist for the End of the World. Although the project is filled with several memorable moments one song, in particular, struck me to the core, “TRY.” Coming in just shy of two minutes, “TRY” highlights Joey Trap’s skill as a lyricist and his ability to cater to multiple moods with perceivable ease. From a production standpoint, the sixth track of the album is aligned with the energetic boom of the project’s overall appeal. What makes “TRY” stand out so much for me, personally, is Joey Trap’s ability to maintain complete composure while keeping pace with the high-energy of the song’s production. Without missing a beat, Joey Trap finds a pocket amidst the bass-rattling textures of the song to exercise his ability as a wordsmith. Joey Trap is the term multifaceted personified, proving his ease in tapping into high energy party anthems and lyrically dense rap marathons. 

Listen to “TRY” off of Joey Trap’s Playlist for the End of the World below.