Trust Nobody (2 My Brothers) – [DJ Scheme] & [Joey Bada$$]

Way back at the beginning of December, DJ Scheme blessed the world with his absolutely unbelievable debut album FAMILY, and all of the features that joined him turned out to be exactly that. He only wanted to work with his closest friends because chemistry is something that goes such a long way when making music, and it was obviously a major factor that brought this project to new heights.

Obviously, we’re used to Scheme working with artists like Ski Mask the Slump God and Danny Towers who were both coming up at the same time Scheme was in the Florida music scene, but this project brought some unexpected guests to the party like Skrillex, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Keed along with others, but each and every guest brought the perfect amount of differentiation and their own flair to the project that worked wonderfully.

Out of all these guests, though, I think the artist that seemed to be the most out of left field was Joey Bada$$, at least in my opinion. Scheme might be known for his high-intensity bangers full of chaos and energy, and although Joey is one of the most versatile artists on the planet, he doesn’t usually make this kind of music. It turns out that this pushed Scheme further out of his comfort zone and made a beat that Joey absolutely destroyed, and I couldn’t be more excited at the fact that “Trust Nobody (2 My Brothers)” now has an incredible new music video directed by Levi Turner and Waqas Ghani. Many of the shots seem to contain some sort of retro film reel-inspired look, complementing the more serious, gritty portions of the song itself.

At one point, Joey heads into a room to be alone, and as the camera spins around him, he seems to introspect and dissect different moments of his life as he recites his lyrics. After making his way around the room in a somewhat restless fashion, he hops into a car with Scheme and the two stars go for a cruise with the windows down as they look out at the world in front of them. Although the entire video is shot extremely well, one of my favorite shots takes place as Joey sits behind a glass panel that has raindrops rolling down the front of it, signifying the dejected and somewhat gloomy thoughts that might come your way on a rainy day.

I do have to admit that after the first listen of FAMILY, I wasn’t completely blown away. I don’t specifically remember why, but I must have been feeling ignorant for some reason because my mind has taken a complete 180-degree turn. The more I listened, the more I truly felt the art and professional creativity that went into each and every square inch of the album, and it has turned into a record that I revisit a few times a week at least so I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried. While I can’t wait to see what’s next for DJ Scheme, I’m just glad we have FAMILY in our lives from here on out, so make sure you check out the album if you somehow haven’t already right after you watch the brand-new visual for “Trust Nobody (2 My Brothers)” featuring the one and only Joey Bada$$.