It’s no secret that the A$AP Mob collective is loaded with raw, talented young artists; but there isn’t one near as underrated as A$AP TyY. Born & raised in Harlem, he released his debut mixtape “Best Kept Secret” in April of 2016 and has yet to look back since then with a barrage of high-energy tracks. Such as last November, when he let loose his politically charged record “TRUMP” which blew up in the midst of the U.S. Presidential Election. The Authentic-produced record is undeniably hot, and just a few hours ago it was given a wild visual that only adds to the energy of the song.

I had the chance to connect with TyY in a featured Q&A to get his take on the new video. From the concept behind the video to the shocking imagery, it was certainly something I needed to find out more about. Be sure to check out the video & interview below and leave your thoughts & opinions in the comments!


1. First off, I’ve listened to the “TRUMP” record since it came out and it definitely bangs. Could you elaborate a bit on your inspiration to drop such a politically-laced record?

TyY: Thanks man, I’m really excited the way this record came out. This was more of an artistic expression for me, everything came organically after watching a presidential debate, the inspiration came from none other than our President Trump. Some of the things he said bothered me to the core. Ironically I was actually watching one of the debates while in an LA studio at the same time the producer of the track (Authentic) was sampling some beats, one of them just seemed to rage lol I told him to rewind it back, I jumped right into the booth and laid it down. I didn’t want to change anything, that was purely how I felt at that moment, I was expressing my feeling through my music. 


2. There was some amazing imagery in the video including a hostage takeover at Trump Tower, I’m so eager to know how the whole visual came together with Michael Dellapolla and co-director Michael Duda? 

TyY: Michael Dellapolla and his production crewed killed this project, big thank you to him and his team for the work. Dellapolla and my manager Michael Duda were going back and forth on this project for weeks prior. It just happens that a close friend of my manager is a partner at one of these big Manhattan law offices, once my manager got in contact and let him know the vision everything else falls into place. It was organized chaos, We’re on set mid day as these attorneys are walking around all suit and tied, meanwhile we have prop guns, a crew of 40-50 including the production crew, it was a surreal scene to say the least. It was a lot of work, from storyboards to writing the treatment and scouting locations. Everyone involved in this project really made the vision come to life. 


3. Finally, what can we expect from A$AP TYY in regards to music & fashion for the rest of 2017? 

TyY: New sounds and more developed me. I want to be even more progressive and not confined by what people “Think” rap music or “Fashion” is. The main thing is to be the best possible version of myself, have fun and do things I’m passionate about. Keep striving… 


Thank you for checking out the interview! Be sure to follow A$AP TyY on Twitter & Instagram: @asap__tyy