Truman – [J’Demul]

Today we have an emcee based out of St. Louis that goes by J’Demul who is making his second appearance on our website with his latest track called “Truman”. The initial thing that I noticed about this song was the dark and menacing instrumental and this set the vibe for the rest of the song, J’Demul matched this with some witty rhymes that ranged anywhere from braggadocious bars to honest & truthful bars about some of the trauma that he has encountered within his lifetime. J’Demul is looking like he can play a pivotal role in the St. Louis scene in the years to come, that city seems to be having something like a musical renascence and I am all for it, you know we here at LL are always rooting for the midwest! This is the first release from J’Demul that he has released in well over six months, so hopefully this is a sign for more music to come, but the only thing to do for now is smash that play button below!

produced by Love Baker