Troublesome – [Skrizzy] feat. [Renni Rucci]

Los Angeles’ own Skrizzy is no stranger to the ability to be able to switch up the flow whenever he sees fit. While some artists tend to find a specific pocket and stick to it, Skrizzy has been able to latch onto various different sounds and maneuver his way into plenty of other pockets and glide over a vast variety of beats. Since his first debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, he has dropped a handful of singles and has been working on his next body of work. Today, he is back with another banger, titled “Troublesome” featuring Renni Rucci.

“In short, I created a song about money laundering. What makes the song unique is the fact that I hid the message so well that not even the people backing the record would come to that conclusion without me pointing it out”

– Skrizzy on the direction of  “Troublesome”

As many artists have been shooting their shot at securing that spot as the song of the summer, Skrizzy’s latest release feeds off of that energy and does is very well. Produced by Fantom (known for his contributions on Soulja Boy’s “She Make It Clap”), Skrizzy raps over a strip club anthem-like record with the bounce to match. Speaking in terms of his ability to switch it up at any given time, this record would be the one to prove that to be true. Renni Rucci drops off a stellar verse here as well, as she speaks about how she stepping on necks and solidifying herself in the game.

Stream Skrizzy’s latest single “Troublesome” below!