Triple S – [Lil Gnar]

It seems like ever since Lil Gnar hit the scene, he has been on a never-ending roll that I don’t think most other people could manage to keep up with. Whether in skateboarding, clothing design, music, or any of his other mogul ventures, he seems to turn everything he touches to gold, and the more people who find out about his multifaceted talents, the more he continues to blow up to unfathomable proportions.

I have loved his music for years, but it seems like ever since about this time last year up until now, he has been really thinking outside the box and making tracks that exploit his individuality and unmatched skillset, which made him the perfect choice to be the first artist signed to Chief Keef’s 43B record label. Although the duo of Keef and Gnar might not have been one that others expected, I think it makes complete sense, and even though we haven’t even begun to see the full potential of this label quite yet, it is already off to a roaring start.

Most recently, Gnar decided to drop a record entitled “Triple S” produced by Sosa and Young Malcolm, and it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. I feel like having Keef on the decks for a beat that Gnar hops on brings out a unique style that is hard-hitting but also differentiating from some of the other instrumentals he has graced in the past, and there is no denying Gnar’s all-encompassing talents on this one.

As he rifles through numerous braggadocios bars, he radiates this confidence that he has earned the right to boast, and the Self-directed music video takes this even a step further thanks to some co-direction from the legend Sam McGrath. Although it’s nothing Gnar hasn’t shown off on social media before, he takes us through the life of a rockstar, going from a private jet to the Rolling Loud New York stage to perform before vibing out to Keef’s set. Gnar rhymes with star, and even though I am in no way, shape, or form a rapper, considering that’s exactly what he is, you have to show some love to his latest video single for “Triple S”!