Trifecta 2 – [Shitty Boyz]

Detroit has had a handful of talented and innovative musicians come out of the woodwork over the past few years, and while some have made it bigger than others, it isn’t very typical that a group has received notoriety the way the Shitty Boyz have. It’s definitely not uncommon for these emcees to work pretty regularly together, and even with a myriad of bangers coming from artists who have worked together, they just don’t claim to be a part of a group, and I think that makes the Shitty Boyz stand out more than anything.

Even with BabyTron blowing up, topping charts, buzzing like crazy, and even being a member of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, he hasn’t let these massive accolades go to his head and always uses this popularity to draw attention to the trio he’s a part of, and that’s something that I respect and appreciate more than anyone else who was a part of a group and left when they took off. I truly think it’s because Tron believes in his counterparts TrDee and StanWill, as he should because if you have heard any one of their numerous songs, you can see that their chemistry and skillsets are as incredible as they come.

If you need even more evidence of this, just check out their brand-new album Trifecta 2 and witness their cohesive greatness. All of their singles leading up to the release of this album were immaculate, and their dominance continues for just about 38 minutes as they take us on a trip throughout these 14 songs. Whether they discuss some more honest and genuine topics or simply embark on a journey to include some of the most creative, off-the-wall references in a string of wordplays, there isn’t a single moment that seems to fall flat whatsoever.

What’s even more notable is their harmony, as I have mentioned previously, because whether they’re literally finishing each other’s sentences or picking up right where one of the others left off, it’s clear that they have this natural connection that could outshine pretty much any other group that I can currently brainstorm. I was beyond hyped for Trifecta 2 to his Spotify, and now that it’s here, I don’t know if I’ll be listening to too much else until I get my fill of this addicting project once and for all.