Trident – [Chasethemoney] ft. [Valee]

It seems like every single year, my personal music preferences change depending on what is released and what kind of sounds come out of the woodwork, and this change has definitely been much more drastic some years than it has during others. A few years back, Valee took the music scene by storm, not necessarily because of an insane personality or intricate charisma, but more so for his innovative flow that was something that sounded unlike anything else we had ever heard throughout the decades that hip-hop has existed.

His persona was as chill and relaxed as can be, and although this was something that seemed to remain consistent throughout the years, I loved the simpleness of his sound because you can tell he is just being his genuine self and not trying to be anything he’s not, so I’ve been a fan from the moment I first heard his stuff. While it seems like things have remained fairly lowkey and even stagnant at times in recent memory, don’t let that fool you because the Chicago talent is always working, and when he is in the studio, you can almost guarantee that producer Chasethemoney is in there with him.

Most recently, this dynamic duo of hitmakers teamed up for another hit entitled “Trident”, as well as an entertaining sing-along inspired music video directed by Asher Dakota and Chasethemoney as well as a bit of extra footage from Nick Stelo. In the instrumental, CTM received a little help from JJTurnMeUp who end up incorporating some alarming melodies alongside absolutely piercing percussive elements and deep drums for a pretty eventful beat that definitely lets Valee bring things back a bit closer to Earth as he spits his bars.

Although the emcee’s enthusiasm is kept at bay, per usual, there isn’t a single line in this entire song where he’s not lowkey flexing something expensive, talking about the women in his life, or making some clever pun or double entendre about some of the more lavish parts of his superstar lifestyle. Valee doesn’t get nearly the amount of credit he deserves for constantly thinking outside of the box within his lyrics and delivery, and neither does CTM for always giving him the perfect launching pad to do so, making “Trident” another remarkable yet underrated release from this undefeated tag team.