Trenches (Remix) – [Morray] ft. [Polo G]

Although I’m not entirely familiar with Fayetteville, North Carolina’s very own Morray, and his entire catalog of music, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that I’ve heard, thus far. The way he incorporates so much passion, emotion, and all-out empathy into every single word he sings gives me goosebumps because you can tell he truly means every word he sings, and there’s never any act or falsehood to his messages. When he released his song “Trenches”, I was enthralled by the story he told, so when I found out he made a remix feature Chicago’s Polo G, I was given no choice but to listen up.

Although remixes can often be hit or miss for me, this one Just elevates everything, in my opinion, because Polo’s melancholic and truthful delivery accentuates Morray’s message perfectly, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. In the Justice Silvera-directed music video, Morray cruises around the streets of his hood in an old school whip before pulling up to his homie at the autobody shop.

As he continues his narrative, we’re shown various situations throughout the neighborhood like people shooting dice in the streets, a mom taking care of her children, and all the work that gets put in at the auto shop. While Polo and Morray join the different individuals in these various scenes, the closing shot truly warms my heart. After a long day at the shop, the mechanic walks home to the woman who turns out to be his significant other, greeting her in their apartment with food as a smile covers his face while walking in to say hi to his children, bringing Morray’s message full circle.

Coming off of his debut performance at Rolling Loud, Morray’s stock continues to rise on a daily basis, and I can’t think of an artist who deserves it more. Not only is he talented, a true storyteller, and a 2021 XXL Freshman, but he is just unapologetically himself, and that shines through with every song I’ve ever heard. Polo seemed to be a natural addition to this record, and his verse just brings the track to new heights, in my opinion, so I think the execution was perfect. Whether you’ve heard the original version of “Trenches” or not, make sure to spare a few moments to check out the brand-new remix and its accompanying music video below as soon as you get the chance.