Treehouse Audio – [Jack Karowak]

In recent years, Massachusetts has dusted itself off and formed a rejuvenated music scene, yielding a number of promising talents in the process. It’s getting to the point where MA talent simply can’t be ignored, and here to embody this is one of the state’s finest artists, Jack Karowak, with his long-awaited debut project, Treehouse Audio. 9 tracks long, this offering masters the art of maximizing the power of words and sounds, using remarkably few songs to provide such a comprehensive emotional and mental recap of the life that led Karowak to this moment. It’s inherently true-to-self and absolutely beautiful in terms of sonic direction, embodying a similar effect on listeners to that of a picturesque summer sunset, as noted on the cover art.

Jack Karowak put his entire heart and soul into Treehouse Audio, and the result is one of the best projects to come out of Massachusetts in quite some time. The release of a debut project is a moment of graduation for any artist, and in the talent’s case, it’s also a moment of brilliant potential that is about to propel him into an abundance of well-deserved success. Karowak is up next, so be sure to listen to his magnificent new project at the link below and follow him on Twitter here!

Production by David Walker, Triple Beam Brad
Features by Thalles Nunes, Notebook P