Trackhawk – [Candypaint]

I know I have mentioned this in the past, but the underground music scene is the segment of this industry that really influenced me heavily and crafted my taste in music. Some may look at this as a flaw, but I personally see it as a massive advantage because I now have a completely different outlook on music, even if it is a mainstream success. I honestly aim to give everyone who shaped my taste credit, but there are just way too many people to name, and I do my best to show these emcees my appreciation whenever I get the chance.

Some names that come to mind include the late, great 6 Dogs, BBY GOYARD, Lil Xelly, 909Memphis, Larry League, and plenty others, but that is just based on looking at old SoundCloud likes and taking a stroll down memory lane to reminisce on what first brought me into an entirely new world of sonic styles. The list is much more extensive and all-encompassing than just the aforementioned emcees, though, and one person who I would be remised to leave unmentioned is Candypaint, someone who I have been listening to way back when they had a Lil at the beginning of their moniker.

Obviously, with time and maturation comes a new outlook on their creative process, and ever since he dropped the Lil at the beginning of his name, I feel like he took off in an entirely new and exciting direction. This is apparent in his latest release “Trackhawk” which was produced by ProdByCade, and the lighthearted, playful beat is perfect for Candypaint’s effortlessly vivacious delivery.

In the Anti-directed music video, things are continuously kept minimalistic and easygoing, but the effects used and Candypaint’s irreplaceable charisma is always more than enough to carry these types of releases. “Trackhawk” might be the latest release from the certified underground icon, but it is yet another addition to a long string of hits from Candypaint that you need to get in tune with as soon as you can.