Track Meet – [5am] X [TM88]

Congrats, Atlanta. You’ve produced yet another superstar.

If you have not heard about 5am, you are about to. The young artist offers heart-wrenching lyrics and his unique sound on his newest single, “Track Meet.” Produced by the Grammy-Nominated mega-producer TM88, the song starts with sentimental guitar chords with enough emotion to make anyone listening start reminiscing about their ex.

The Atlanta-based rapper pours out his soul, discussing the pain he feels having to keep his side chick… well, on the side. “You wanna stay, but I’m hopin you don’t catch me… When I’m with my main, I’m hopin you don’t pass me.” When it’s all said and done, 5am has a rare ability not all artists possess: the ability to evoke emotion. Drawing melodic comparisons to Post Malone, 5am is an artist I highly suggest to keep on your radar.

Listen to 5am and TM88’s collaboration, “Track Meet,” here:

Words by Barry R