cuddlethot is an artist who you all are going to begin seeing a lot of this year if I have anything to do with it. The queer hip-hop artist from Seattle, Washington is currently based in Las Vegas and is primed + ready for the world to hear all that’s to offer. Like I said in previous articles, this last week has been a hectic one to say the least; opening up my email to over 4,000 submissions has been a hard task to navigate, but gratefully, it led me to phenomenal talents like this one.

cuddlethot immediately grabbed my attention by sending me an unreleased track that’s coming up, but I knew it was only right that I double backed to the existing Spotify discography to see what I was really working with. It was at that moment when I stumbled on “Toxins” and I knew that cuddlethot was the real deal. Opening up with a simplistic guitar melody, “Toxins” creates a captivating ambience that will grab hold of you instantaneously; This is all thanks to the dynamic production that allows cuddlethot to shine throughout every second of the song.

There are so many amazing aspects that make up this cool, down to earth offering, but one of the standout spectacles is the poetic storytelling and songwriting of cuddlethot. The words that are present within this one are transparent, insightful and introspective. This joint is just too good not to share and I cannot wait for all that this up and comer is going to cook up in the future! The song link is down below, so give it a listen and tap in with this dope artist.