Tour – [Blueface] ft. [Asian Doll] [NLE Choppa] [Kiddo Curry] [Sada Baby] & [9lokkNine]

It seems like in the current state of Hip-Hop, although there are collaborations left and right, you rarely see more than one or two other artists hop on a song together. This might be due to the fact that it’s more common to have tracks that run two minutes or less rather than extending into the four or five-minute range like before, or it could be because it’s tough to get an abundance of artists together at the same time considering new talents are popping up all over the country. Regardless of what the reasoning is, Blueface’s most recent song “Tour” recruits some of the most notorious rising artists in all of Rap music.

Creeping piano keys, building kick drums, and pace-setting percussion lays the pavement for a West Coast banger, which isn’t uncommon whatsoever for the Los Angeles Rapper. Blueface does a great job of aggressively attacking certain words, ditching his normally off-kilter flow and sticking to a more rhythmic rhyme scheme. Asian Doll, who’s someone I always see in the headlines, is also an artist I’m not as familiar with. Her verse blew me away in all honesty, as she meshed oh so well with the beat and put some incredible cadences on display with her unapologetic attitude. NLE comes in next, bringing his always energetic and insistent style to the party, matching Blueface’s disposition flawlessly. 9lokkNine starts up right after the second hook, showing off his slurred lyrics in an incredible manner. Although he doesn’t typically hop on West Coast anthems like this, there are certain elements sonically that are familiar within his music, so he doesn’t have to put too much effort forth to truly stand out on this star-studded offering.

Sada Baby might stick out more than anyone on this track with his off the wall personality and wild wordplay. Considering he has been known to utilize certain West Coast elements in his music, he feels right at home on this instrumental and the results speak for themselves. Out of everyone on this song, Kiddo Curry is the artist I’m definitely least familiar with but I’m going to need to catch up as soon as possible after hearing his verse. He almost sounds offended as he delivers his lyrics, talking about having as much money as a lawyer, people flexing on Instagram, and not leaving their house without a weapon because for some reason they feel safe while he doesn’t think they should feel so secure around him. Although every artist makes their own points as the song progresses, some common themes among the artists include their expensive cars, jewelry, the wild amounts of money they’ve made, and a myriad of violence and drug references.

It’s incredible to me that they were able to get every single artist in the same place for the music video. There’s an abundance of scenes featuring each artist on their own, so these may have been shot at remote locations, but there’s one reoccurring setting where every single rapper can be found, sometimes even interacting with one another. As the video opens up, a group of ladies is hopping on a tour bus where Blueface is getting the party started in the back. The reoccurring scene that the talents can be seen in has a clean, off-white background that truly makes each person pop with their colorful outfits and shining diamonds. This also serves as a green screen for certain scenes, showing off the skylines of different cities and taking these stars to different parts of the country. There are certain illuminated animations and effects throughout, but overall this visual didn’t need too many special effects to level up considering the sheer star power that the song already possessed.

It makes so much sense why this song is titled “Tour” because it literally takes us on a tour of the country and all the different sounds and styles that these artists have to offer. You go from Blueface who’s from the West Coast to Asian Doll from Dallas, NLE in Memphis, 9lokkNine coming from Florida, Sada Baby up in Detroit, and I’m honestly not entirely sure where Kiddo Curry is from, but it probably takes us to yet another region. Since these artists might have their own style and sound respectively, they don’t let the beat control the narrative. They show off their own individualistic demeanors and aesthetics throughout each and every verse, proving just how different each part of the country’s style might sound, but how talented they are to go crazy on an instrumental that might not be so common for them. You’re missing out if you haven’t listened to “Tour” yet, so catch up and check out this all-star lineup’s hit as soon as possible.