Touchdown – [NNAMDï]

I seriously can’t believe how long I have slept on NNAMDï’s music, and even though I have been listening for a handful of years, it wasn’t until the rollout of his album Please Have A Seat that I saw his vision and truly appreciated the force he is in this industry. The indie artist has been blazing a trail in Chicago for many years, and although I had tuned in time and time again when we would feature him on our year-end top 50 Chicago projects lists, I guess I was so overwhelmed with all of the music that was included on these features that I would accidentally overlook his gifts. I am extremely grateful that this will no longer happen because his album is now here, and it is everything I had hoped it would be and more based on the singles I had experienced prior.

Before I go into details about the album overall, I really want to give it a few more listens to be able to do all the hard work and effort that NNAMDï and his team put into it, so instead, I wanted to focus on the brand-new Sandy Honig-directed music video for his song “Touchdown” that was just as indescribably gripping as all of the preceding visuals he has put out leading up to this album. It begins with a line of characters waiting to board a charter bus, including a loud mother (played by SNL’s Sarah Squirm), her twin sons, and plenty of other notable personalities.

This somewhat breezes over the fact that NNAMDï is battered and bloody, but once he pulls out a tooth to give the two boys in front of him, the injuries are made obvious. After boarding the vehicle, NNAMDï pulls out his pill collection, pouring the entire week’s supply into his hand before swallowing the batch with a mouthful of what appears to be whiskey.

Unsurprisingly, the Chi-Town emcee begins to hallucinate and imagine himself in another universe full of joy and delight, although in reality, he is just wandering around the bus before asking to take a seat, sprinkling in a nice reference to the album’s title. Later on, the bus driver appears to fall asleep which sends the bus into a frenzy. The elevated musician sees himself saving the day, taking the wheel for himself. To no one’s surprise, the bus (shown as a toy that represents the actual vehicle), takes flight, with the video ending there before we know the actual outcome, even though I think it’s safe to say that your assumptions will be correct.

If there’s one person this year that has really surprised me and made me into a massive fan, it’s NNAMDï, and as excited as I am to continue listening to his latest album, I am also very eager for you to experience his visuals as well. So, make sure you tune into yet another unbelievably flawless music video from NNAMDï before or after listening to Please Have A Seat!