Toronto’s Guss has the style and sound to refresh your library, this time with “FWM.”

In the current scene, it feels like most new artists that come across my screen have an artist they really emulate or a delivery they resonate with – and do everything in their power to sound that way. I’m not knocking it, because how else do you get inspired, you know? But what I will say, is with how saturated a lot of music is right now, hearing something or someone that I can’t trace back to any other deliveries or sound that I’ve heard recently, is incredibly refreshing. So is the case with Guss, a newcomer (at least to my library) from Toronto who’s absolutely killing it, and with a sound all his own. “FWM” is his latest track and the first one I’ve heard of his, and I’m honestly impressed. If Guss was shooting for dark, ethereal, and omniscient sound, he knocked it out of the park, and he surely found the right journalist to appeal to. This sort of track and genre has a knack for finding its way into my most-played songs, and I can’t guarantee “FWM” doesn’t end up in that rotation, too.

His delivery is effortless but precise, and his attention to detail in his lyrics, layered vocals, and production is so welcoming. The production by Jpbeatz is the exact style that Guss seemed to be going for, and the combination of these two really set my expectations high when I went through some more of Guss’ discography. I can honestly say “FWM” is one of my tracks-of-the-week, and it’ll surely be getting some additional plays for me in the near future. It’s riddled with talent, precision, and musicianship – things that are sparse in today’s game – and these facets are going to make Guss another force from Toronto not to forget. CODE Music Group must see the vision too, as they recently entered a partnership with him in hopes to continue boosting his stock.

Stream “FWM” and check out more of Guss’ discography on Spotify below, you won’t regret it.