Top Off- [Warhol.SS] ft. [Ugly God]

Warhol.SS has always been a favorite amongst the Lyrical Lemonade community. He started blowing up in the city a few years ago and in the ensuing time that followed, he proved time and time again that although “Speed Racer” is an undeniable hit, he can be more versatile and continue to make bangers. As he’s risen through the ranks of the underground, he has formed connections with some of the biggest names in rap which has helped raise his status and get his music heard as it should be.

Off of his latest EP MIA, Warhol.SS recruited Ugly God for one of the project’s Standout tracks “Top Off”, which has received a music video to bring it back to life. As most of us know, the song contains swift hats and a catchy but leisurely melody. Ugly God may have gotten into the music industry with some of his hilarious meme raps, but he’s been getting away from those recently and this track is no exception. Warhol.SS shows off a delivery that sounds almost like he’s whispering, which honestly adds some hostility and validity to the words he spits. They switch off parts going back and forth throughout the song as they talk about violence, extravagances, and women.

The video follows pretty closely to the lyrics as they take their music into the strip club. With beautiful ladies dancing in the colorful, lit up background as the duo raps their verses, you can just see the fun they’re having through the screen. The other scenes they shoot are outside while dancing around and whipping luxury cars, peeling out in them and doing doughnuts in empty parking lots.

It’s truly incredible to see where Warhol.SS is in the Rap industry since I’ve been following his journey since the very early days of his career. You can tell that he has experimented and found out what works best for him, which has certainly leveled up his skill and comfort on any song. His raspy, deep voice never fails to add some fierceness to any track, and he can use it in a plethora of different ways depending on how upbeat or dark the production is. “Top Off” is truly a banger and the music video merges with the aesthetic of the song perfectly, so check it out and see what you think.

Words by Danny Adams