Top 15 Chicago Artists to Look Out for in 2014

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Originally I was going to do the top 10 artists, but I just couldn’t narrow it down – therefore I am bringing you the top 15, take note that the list is in an order for which who I think will make the most noise in 2014!

1. Taylor Bennett

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After making plenty of noise in 2013 – where he dropped his debut tape and sold out his first headliner, the Savemoney affiliate plans to do much bigger things in 2014 as he will be dropping his sophomore tape, “Mainstream Music” in the spring.


2. Logan

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The young Chicago reside has just began, yet has gotten very far in the game already with his drive and motive, he claims to be doing all this for his friend Feo, who passed away early in 2013. His squad now goes by “Feo Mob“, I am sure if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will be very soon – Logan has yet to even drop a tape.


3. Supa Bwe


Frederick Apex (Supa Bwe) was just recently brought to my attention by the homie Wisam, and I am still in the process of figuring out why he goes so damn hard.  The engineering, rapping, godbody-having, thotgoddess-possessing, etc. kid is going to make major moves in 2014 – watch out! Also expect a visual from myself and Supa soon.


4. Lucki Eck$ 


Lucki could have very easily been number one, as he arguably dropped the best tape out of Chicago in 2013 excluding “Acid Rap“.  It’s a given that Eck$ will be up to big things in ’14, keep your eyes peeled.


5. Jake Osmun


The Columbia-attending filmmaker has a solid name for himself in Arizona, but has lately been establishing a name for himself in Chicago as well!  Keep a look out for the driven videographer in 2014!


6. Plu20 Nash


Out of all the talented producers coming out of Chicago, there are none quite like Plu2o. He has a unique sound to his production and also has worked for some pretty big artists.


7. Justiiice

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I do not know if anyone knows grind more than Nu Triiibe‘s Justiiice – he has been at it all of 2013, and is carrying his momentum in to 2014.  He dropped his debut mix tape “ILYTape” last year which reeled in plenty of good reviews, who knows what 2014 will hold for him?


8. Carl

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Supreme Regime‘s Carl has a different sound than most – he can be featured on a track and say few words, yet still be considered the hottest verse on the track, he’s one of those types of artists.  The moves I expect him to make in 2014 are actually quite frightening, keep on the lookout for his upcoming tape, “Shower Music“.


9. Clepius

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You may not be familiar, but I can promise that you will be soon – Clepius plans to release his first music video for “Dimensions” on January 6th off of Lyrical Lemonade. Mark my words – “If you don’t know Clepius, you will“.


10. JKrown

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The young Feo Mob affiliated videographer has been at it all year making a name for himself, and making his way on to plenty of big blogs, he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Watch out for Krown.


 11. Max Bouvagnet

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Without a doubt one of the most talented young musicians out of Chicago right now, but can he rise to his full potential in 2014? We will see. Tape after tape is a classic and he only plans to release more in 2014, lookout for the “Death Rebirth EP“.


12. Max Wonders

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I hope that 2014 = 2088 because that is when Max plans to startle us all, we’ll see. “The Wonder Tape” is coming soon!


13. Jay2 The KiDD Classic

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This list would mean nothing if Jay2 wasn’t on it, he could have very easily been in the top 5 to look out for, don’t focus on the numbers too much.  He did incredible things in 2013, so what does that say about 2014? Go get “Visions” now.


14. Adot

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I didn’t know of Adot until the “Circles” video was released, and I feel like it was like that for many, but after that – I knew the kid had talent and was going to make big moves, is 2014 the “uglyboyz” year?


15. Cole Bennett

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I guess I couldn’t really make a list of people who I think will make noise without including myself, I am filmmaker out of a suburb of Chicago, and plan to attend Columbia next year for film. Stay tuned.