Toothpaste – [93FEETOFSMOKE]

It hasn’t been too many months since I first really dove into 93FEETOFSMOKE’s entire discography, but it took less time than the blink of an eye to realize that I was way later to the party than I ever should have been. His sound is just so aligned with the kind of music I am obsessed with, including a punk aesthetic alongside energetic and vibrant instrumentals (most of which are self-produced), and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been obsessed since the moment I really took the time to listen.

I’m just taken back to a time when all I listened to was pop punk-associated bands that rocked as hard as ever, but the inclusion of other, more modern sounds merges the best of both worlds together, making his music some of the greatest current records that I find myself attempting to tell everyone about. When he dropped his project GOOD GRIEF just a week or two ago, it was the first thing I listened to on my way to work, and even though I tend to prefer certain cuts over others, there isn’t a single song that I don’t completely vibe out to as I continue listening more and more daily.

The other thing I respect so much about him is his incessantly complex music videos where storylines and intricacies are never overlooked, so I knew what had to be done when I came across his latest PHVZES-directed music video for the project’s SMOKE and Aaron Osborne-produced song “Toothpaste”. SMOKE shows up at the movie theater for what we later find out appears to be a date, but he stops at the counter to pick up some popcorn and a drink prior to the movie starting. He finds his seat just in time, putting on a shiny hat along with his date as the countdown begins and we’re transported into the film.

Here, a group of people sneaks into a compound where a mad scientist is mixing concoctions, but after being spotted by the mixologist, they’re tied up in chains and forced to brush their teeth with fluoride. So yes, this scientist was actually the world’s first mad dentist who ultimately ended the lives of these explorers after treating them with the fluoride-filled toothpaste. Transporting back into real life, SMOKE is shaken up by the horror film, looking to his date for comfort only to find her skeleton lifeless by his side.

This is because the popcorn and drinks that he bought actually featured a fluoride label as well, and after witnessing the movie theater worker’s skeleton while rushing to the bathroom, he is eventually turned to nothing but bones as well. I’m not entirely sure what the significance of fluoride is as a poison in the video, but it was more than captivating enough to get me to do some research. While I look into this, though, I’m going to have GOOD GRIEF playing through my speakers just like it has been constantly since it first dropped.