Too Much – [SRNDR]

Los Angeles based duo SRNDR made their debut with “Too Much”, a soul-infused, alternative ode to resiliency in love and partnership. The song was featured on two of Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, grabbing the attention of new listeners who awaited more from the band. SRNDR is back with an official video for the release, directed by VanDuncan Phillips. The camera work of this video is impressive alone and for film junkies like myself and serves as a bonus in enjoying these visuals. When digging for information on “Too Much” in an article on Elevator I came across that some of the musical influences included Nirvana, Tame Impala, and Lauryn Hill. You can see a direct link to those influences with the soul-infused psychedelic tones of the track combined with the lyrical content. With this being the only single they have on DPS’s I’m excited to see how SRNDR continues to improve on their sound.

Watch the visuals for SRNDR’s brand new single “Too Much” below.