Too Much – [Mark Ronson] ft. [Lucky Daye]

In all honesty, there are certain songs I write about that are performed by artists that I don’t really listen very heavily to, but I hear something and I just can’t resist. Mark Ronson is someone who definitely has a very storied, notable career, but he just typically doesn’t make a style of music that I often listen to. That’s not to undercut his talent or musical genius but considering he doesn’t really experiment with the world of rap or hip-hop very often at all, he doesn’t come across my radar as frequently as others.

Well, I saw that he had a song with Lucky Daye called “Too Much”, and thanks to the fact that Lucky has become one of my absolute favorite R&B artists ever after working with producers like Kaytranada, I knew this wasn’t going to be something that I’d want to pass up. This song actually even came in partnership with Audemars Piguet, as they debuted a music program in 2019, and while I’m not entirely positive about what the overall goal of the program is, I’m at least grateful that they clearly put time and effort into working with some of the best talents out.

As this song unfolds, there is an undeniable disco sound that overtakes your eardrums, but even with this groovy style, Lucky makes sure to incorporate some of his smooth, trademark R&B aptitudes as well, ensuring that there is quite a bit of soul and character within the record. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect with this track heading into it, but I know that Lucky never puts out a bad record and I assume the same goes for a veteran like Mark Ronson, so “Too Much” is definitely a great song to get you feeling good on a beautiful summer day as they become more frequent moving further into the season.