Too Late (Too Call)-[Ruby Red]

If you’ve been keeping up with my writing as of late, then you’d know that I’ve made a promise to myself to only write about things that move me on a deeper level. With so much music circulating the internet, it’s easy to lose sight of good songs and it’s my mission to make sure that my pieces are a breath of fresh air for anyone craving phenomenal tunes. Today, I’m elated to write about a rising duo who I believe will be household names when it’s all said and done. If you haven’t heard of Ruby Red before, then please allow this to be the introduction you will remember for ever. Comprised of friends, Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, Ruby Red is the indie pop duo you never knew you needed until now. They’ve had a presence in the industry for a little bit, but this truly feels like the beginning of something special for these guys. I’ve been a close follower and fan for some time, but today, it’s only right the roll out the red carpet for their new song and video called, “Too Late (To Call)”.

This upbeat offering will grab your attention from the moment you press play as the soothing synths are the perfect compliment to the foundational production that¬† was so effortlessly laid. Dan’s vocals spread over the verses like butter which make this one such an exceptional listening experience. When you check out the video as well, you’ll notice that these guys just have an undeniable swagger and confidence that is unmatched. When you pair that with their talent, you’re left with budding stars in the making.

I’ve attached “Too Late (To Call)” down below, so spin this one when you have time as we welcome you to the world of Ruby Red!