too fast – [Prentiss] ft. [Matt Ox]

It has probably been right around a month since Mississippi artist Prentiss came across my radar, and he has been making some major moves ever since. At just 14 years old, it can be hard to imagine an artist with as much promise and talent as him, but he continues to turn heads, linking up with everyone from the underground music scene to getting nods from icons like Justin Bieber. When I heard he was in the studio with Matt Ox, it only made sense considering Matt was probably around the same age when he started to blow up, and even though their musical styles vary, I knew they’d make some magic together.

The outcome was their song “too fast”, an absolutely remarkable record that is something you need to tune into immediately, so you don’t miss out. Accompanied by an Always Aden-directed music video, this record was produced by Cxdy from Internet Money and Rod Made It who utilize some strong electronic synths that are eventually met with piercing percussion and thumping 808s when the beat drops, giving us a very energetic foundation that the two artists can build wonderfully off of. When Prentiss gets right into the hook, his higher-pitched vocals just glide over the instrumental perfectly.

The lighthearted, blithe vibe of his voice works remarkably well on such an energetic beat, but he has no shortage of vigor as he insistently continues to sing some flawless notes that just resound in your head magnificently. This continues into his verse, although he quickens things up and allows his melodic deliveries to carry the brunt of the workload, leading us right back into the unforgettable hook. Matt comes in for the second verse with such a different vibe, boasting some under annunciated bars that seem to just bounce along to the tempo of the record, and even though he might sound nothing like Prentiss, his cadences and deliveries just seem to work naturally and seamlessly with the young up-and-comer.

Every time I hear a new Prentiss song, I’m at a loss for words because I’m truly amazed at how someone so young can be so creative and talented, and now that he’s working with some very notable names, it’s no secret that his stock price is going to continue to rise as long as he keeps staying true to himself and making music as great as “too fast”. Prentiss and Matt Ox have an undeniable hit on their hands with this brand-new record, so make sure you tune in as soon as you can in order to catch up on everything you’ve been missing out on in terms of the incredible sonic world that Prentiss is bringing to life.