Too Far – [Gio Genesis]

Much like the beautiful scenery of the Hudson Valley in which he grew from, Gio Genesis offers a lush soundscape deeply rooted in his prolific use of sincere lyrics and tasteful melodies that blend together to create a consistently atmospheric and emotional product worth obsessing over. Gio has caught fire with his recent run of releases this year, building off the impressive momentum he garnered off the back of his breakout single, Wasting Away. Even after striking big, Gio refuses to pigeonhole himself within a single sound or even genre. With just a quick shuffle of his deep discography, you can see how versatile his brand of music is, and it’s this multifaceted approach to his craft that separates the structure of his songs from his peers. Gio can seamlessly pivot from an introspective 16 to a beautifully measured chorus in a snap of a finger. Toeing the line between r&b and rap, Gio’s soulful and compelling delivery paints nostalgic imagery, transporting you into a world of your own upon each listen, and his newest track, Too Far, does not miss the mark! 

Too Far, is easily Gio’s most polished track to date. Every last angle of the song was executed to perfection, from Bijan Amir’s ambient production to Gio’s earworm melodies that effortlessly encapsulate you from verse to hook. Gio’s storytelling casts an intimate narrative of getting caught drifting too far in love, and he vulnerably articulates his emotions through his passionate delivery throughout the track’s three-and-a-half-minute runtime. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform this track a week before its release on a beautiful Williamsburg rooftop. While introducing the song to the eager crowd, he candidly anecdotes that the single was originally made to be included within the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. A missed opportunity for Sony and Marvel, but with Gio consistently dropping impressive tracks like this one, there’s no question that opportunities like that will only continue to fall in his lap. Tap into Gio Genesis’ single, Too Far, using the links below!