Too Easy (Remix) – [Gunna] ft. [Future] & [Roddy Ricch]

2021 was an awesome year for music, and even if other facets of life were difficult, the songs and albums we were blessed with helped to ease some of this stress. Although we’re only a week into the new year, it seems like things are getting off to a hot start thanks to some of the biggest artists in the music business releasing amazing songs and even better cohesive albums. Today, The Weeknd obviously dropped his album which is going to be a chart-topper without a doubt, but Gunna also came to play by releasing his undeniably amazing album DS4EVER, a project that gives us 19 songs spanning just about 55 minutes long with features from talents like Young Thug, Kodak Black, Lil Baby, G Herbo, and many more.

I definitely still need to take some time to dive into the deep end with regards to this album, but I figured the perfect place to start would be his brand-new visual for the remix of his song “Too Easy” with a great new verse courtesy of Roddy Ricch. The original track has been in my rotation pretty much daily since it was released, but this remix is awesome and the video is able to somehow make it even better.

This one is super eventful and shows Gunna traveling to different settings, environments, and backdrops, each one getting more appealing than the last. To put things in perspective, he goes from a black-tie dinner of sorts straight into the jungle before jumping on an ATV that flings him into the arctic where he shows off his Prada outfit in front of snow-covered mountains and an igloo. Later on, he scores the game-winning touchdown in a football game in front of a crowd full of lovely ladies cheering him on prior to joining Future on the set of a News broadcast where his counterpart takes the wheel and shows us the weather forecast.

Whether he is in the newsroom, at a car wash, watching a beauty pageant, or viewing some highland games in Scotland, he makes sure to act the part and sell his character every chance he gets. Roddy’s portions are a lot more realistic, pretty much showing him at the formal dinner or playing a grand piano with a beautiful woman resting on top, but they’re still awesome scenes that bring this video to a close. Although I’m slightly disappointed that Gunna and Future didn’t record new verses for the remix, Roddy’s addition is definitely special and the music video is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while, making it something you definitely need to peep whether you’ve had the chance to listen to Gunna’s brand-new album yet or not.