Too Blessed – [Rich the Kid] ft. [Quavo] & [Take Off]

Although we all know the three Migos are a supergroup on their own, it feels like Rich the Kid could be considered an extension of their crew at times. They’ve collaborated multiple times in the past and the results are always impressive. While the Migos know how to provide inventive and unheard-of flows to any song, Rich the Kid knows exactly how to bring the energy as well which is just as important in most instances. All I’m saying is, when you see any combination of Migos and Rich on a track with one another, it’s going to be an undeniable hit from the moment you press play. Throw DJ Durel in the mix on the beat and its absolutely game over.

The latest result of the recipe of these artists comes in the form of a song called “Too Blessed”, and it’s a banger through and through. DJ Durel utilizes almost flat-sounding, mischievous synths alongside trap percussion and thunderous 808s to create the perfect base for this trio to go to work on. It appears as if Quavo is humming in a Travis Scott-like manner in the background as the scene is set, and this leads us right into the chorus that he delivers as well. As the hook starts, a playful pan flute enters into the instrumental and provides even more life than there was previously. Quavo’s disposition is as nonchalant and casual as ever, and although he might not be spitting his lines as rapidly as he has been known to do in the past, they’re still as memorable as can be and back up the common thought process that recognizes him as the king of all hooks. He sticks with a similar cadence throughout his verse but changes the pitch of his voice during certain moments that make sure it doesn’t ever get too monotonous.

Rich the Kid even utilizes a similar flow for the first few lines of his before changing up and going in a different direction. His enthusiasm seems to be kept slightly at bay in this track, although you can tell there is still an abundance of energy behind his lyrics. After another chorus, Take Off comes in and proves my point once again, backing up my ideology and opinion that he’s the most entertaining and talented out of the trio which is high praise because they’re all absolute superstars. He starts out a bit slow, admittedly, but we are gifted a trademark cookie ad-lib early on before he switches up his delivery and goes off the rails unlike anyone else in the industry can. As you can probably interpret from the title of the song, there is no real in-depth meaning behind the lyrics in this song, but the rappers take turns bragging about their lavish lifestyles as well as express just how stress-free their lives are at this point in time.

The music video that comes alongside this banger is just as braggadocious, but it provides the perfect assistance to the track. Quick, fast-forwarded shots are shown throughout, taking us on a tour of a mansion as well as the front and backyards. There are a plethora of gorgeous women wearing bikinis as they swim in the pool, dance along to the song, and act provocatively throughout the entire visual. Quavo starts out by showing off one of the multiple exotic cars that can be seen throughout the song’s duration as well as stacks of cash and all of the diamond-studded jewelry that is draped on his person. The transitions from shot to shot are extremely fast so some settings and characters are kind of hard to recognize, but this fast-paced style plays along with the song nicely. As Rich the Kid and Take Off make their way through their parts of the track, they pretty much follow along with the same flexes that Quavo bragged about right off the bat, keeping things impressive but not straying too far away from the norm.

It’s undeniable that this song is a hit and I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to blow up and be heard everywhere in a matter of days. It’s just such an easy song to vibe out to, the flows and lyrics are appealing and understandable so people will be able to memorize them with ease, and it’s just a banger by every definition of the word. I can’t say it’s earth-shattering or anything like that because any song that these artists put out is sure to do numbers, but only some of them truly go crazy and do numbers beyond their normal expectations, so I wouldn’t be shocked if this was one of those tracks. Either way, I’m a big fan of “Too Blessed” and I’m looking forward to revisiting it for the foreseeable future, so make sure you peep the brand-new song and music video as soon as you possibly can.