Tomioka – [Jay Eazy]

Some people on TikTok are so popular that their content becomes a near-ubiquitous part of our cultural canon – and nobody has been appearing on my feed as consistently as Jay Eazy. No matter the time of the day, or day of the week, my guy is putting in the work to colonize my FYP like the British Empire. It’s not without good reason though, as today our king returns with the long-awaited and heavily-promoted “Tomioka” – a hard-hitting summertime bop featuring everyone’s favorite Ponderosa Twins Plus One sample. I’m not sure if my TikTok thinks I’m a hip-hop fan or an anime fan, but I’ve spent all day thanking that cursed app for finally delivering me something enjoyable amidst a sea of Billie Eilish and Olivia Roderigo clones. Cleverly-written and passionately performed, “Tomioka” synthesizes my hard-forged love for classic soul samples and NY hip-hop. It’s difficult to sample a soul track multiple times and produce different sounding results – especially when the people sampling are Kanye West and Tyler the Creator – but against all odd’s “Tomioka”‘s production is just as innovative as it is understated. Though Jay Eazy’s plans for 2022 may be uncertain, if “Tomioka” is any indication of things to come then fans definitely have something to look forward to. Be sure to keep Jay Eazy on your radar over the next few months, as “Tomioka”‘s takeover seems inevitable. 

Check out Jay Eazy’s “Tomioka” below: