Tokyo Drip – [VanteBeatz] ft. [Young Icee] [Trill Sammy]

Admittedly, I may be a few weeks late on this one, but nevertheless, an artist by the name of VanteBeatz is here today with a banger of a song entitled “Tokyo Drip”. Employing Young Icee and Trill Sammy for the guest spots on this one, the trio comes together with seamless chemistry as they each float over the bubbling production supplied by Pnoonz. Bar after bar and verse after verse, the song maintains its smooth nature using enthusiastic vocals – the cherry on top in regards to how all three artists join forces on such a dope single. Something about the easygoing sound of this song and its vibe is addictive, and after just one listen, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have the words “Tokyo Drip” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. That being said, don’t sleep. Listen to the newest from VanteBeatz at the link below!