To The World – [Hyzah]

For my final Lyrical Lemonade post, it felt right to proceed with covering an artist that embodied exactly what I started my journey in writing for – true music discovery. A needle in the haystack level talent from Nigeria, the multi-dimensional Afrobeats artist, Hyzah, is a name to know and keep on your radar in 2024. After acquiring a Drake co-sign by the way of Instagram in 2021, all eyes have been on Hyzah with high expectations that his forthcoming project would be a big next step to spread his movement across Nigeria and the globe. Following up his lead singles, “Ibadi” and “Skinny Love”, with yet another impressive showing, I’m elated to welcome Hyzah on the Lyrical site to share his talents with our followers in the States. 

Released just today, Hyzah’s “To The World” EP states exactly what its purpose is and where it’s heading. A momentous next step in what I believe will eventually lead to a prosperous career, each record off of the 6-song magnum opus holds its own individual weight in importance towards the project’s ultimate goal. Highlighted by some of my personal favorites of the EP such as “Jalo”, “Skinny Love”, “Ibadi”, and “Samantha”, there’s a healthy balance of groove and ambience that makes “To The World” a body of work that I’ll have to spin back for a long time to come. As always, Hyzah stands out for his keen sense for creating catchy melodies and his distinct vocal tone, which I’m sure will grab your attention while listening through the project below!