T’nah – [Moxy]

T’nah is a sacred treasure. Previously known as T’nah Apex, the former Pro Era artist out of Brooklyn, New York released her debut album titled Voice of Reason in July of 2019. Containing eight phenomenal tracks, I can confidently vouch that T’nah’s versatility is as impressive as the Lauryn Hill’s and Erykah Badu’s of music. If you don’t believe me, check out the dope visual for her song “Act Rite,”produced by Hajino. What makes T’nah’s skill-set so special is that she often effortlessly interchanges between hip-hop and r&b, firing off high level lyricism in the most harmonious fashion. It is almost as if T’nah converses with her alternate self in a parallel universe, finding ways to avoid dissonance for synchronicity. If T’nah were to recite the lyrics of an N.W.A. record, the message(s) would somehow be construed from a serene standpoint, as a result of her alleviated tone. T’nah’s ear for production is equally as elegant, selecting beats that she naturally floats over with her soothing voice and confident bars. One year later, T’nah has gifted fellow listeners with “Moxy,” which is a bonus track off her debut release. Produced by Sidewalk Kal, the vibrant single can be streamed via Bandcamp, and hopefully all other streaming services soon.

Words by Brandon Washington