TLSD – [CeCe Maravilla]

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut, Cece Maravilla is a Madison, Wisconsin-based singer who draws inspiration from Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, and The Internet. Her latest offering, “TLSD,” is a trippy, yet chill track meditating on life’s unsolved complexity. Standing for “Time, Love, Sex and Drugs,” each theme reflects a momentary time of happiness that the artist yearns to experience once more. Drawing on materialistic interests, Cece reveals that she’s been dreaming for a minute about an all black Ford, before correcting herself and changing her preference to a much finer all black Porsche. Shortly afterwards, Maravilla states that she intends to buy her grandmother a new pair of loafers before she’s forgotten; creating a clever allusion to the fragility of human life and our withering moments with the people we hold deep in our hearts. Although sex and drugs are a part of the title, Maravilla doesn’t explicitly reference either vice. Whether intentional or not, she’s created a dichotomy with the consistency of time and love, contrasted with the illusory escapism of ephemeral pleasure. Asking “what’s it take to make the hands go back to a (x2) time with a free mind,” Cece comes to terms with the fact that life is a game that everyone must sort out for themselves. Stream “TLSD” by CeCe Maravilla, self-produced by Maravilla herself, with guitar + co-production from Heartgaze below (streaming visual by Marjorie Matamoros)!