Times Like This – [TheOnly3ohh]

East New York, Brooklyn, has birthed many talents, and among them emerges a rising artist with a distinctive sound TheOnly3ohh. With his latest release “Times Like This”, he invites listeners into a personal journey fueled by self-discovery, frustration, and an unwavering love for music. The inspiration behind his newest record stems from a pivotal moment of introspection during a break from the hustle. Feeling lost and frustrated by the lack of understanding of his vision, he channels these emotions into his music, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with anyone facing obstacles on their path.

The lyrics speak of resilience, a refusal to be swayed by external opinions, and a deep passion for music that transcends any challenges. The artist acknowledges the unique feeling that his sound brings, reinforcing his commitment to pursuing his musical journey despite the obstacles. The release serves as a reminder to keep pushing forward and to block out the noise of naysayers. TheOnly3ohh is determined to make his mark, ensuring that his name echoes in the industry and beyond. It’s a bold declaration of intent, a musical manifesto that speaks to the artist’s unwavering dedication to his craft.

Stream “Times Like This” from TheOnly3ohh after the break.